15 Years of Marriage

Happy Anniversary Greg!

15 Years of Marriage has taught me

how to pray.

how to rely on Him more.

how to be aware of the needs of each other.

over and over that marriage is intended to make us holy not happy {read this book!}

Greg can live without Mt Dew & I can live without coffee but we don’t like to for very long.

God clearly intended us to be parents.

it doesn’t matter where you live, just find some people to do life with and you’ll be ok.

to let Greg cook the meat, when I touch it, it immediately dries up.

being intimate is a form of worship.

painful experiences can produce amazing fruit.

disagreements will occur, but the majority of the time it’s rooted in selfishness.

the friends & family that witnessed our vows matter & they should & will check up on us.

as my dear friend Lara would say, “Nag God, not your husband {or wife}”.

date nights are just as important, if not more, than when we were dating.

to embrace change.

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