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31 Days of Our Lives :: Day 6 ~ Knit-a-long

A little history about me & knitting ~ My friend Karrie taught me a few years ago. I finally caught on and I have been knitting the…same…scarf for almost 2 years now. I guess I go through knitting stages. Plus, knitting really isn’t a mutli-tasking activity, at least for me. Being a mom you need to be able to mutli-task. When I knit, I need to concentrate! Perhaps one day, I’ll be good enough to sit and knit and chat and listen.

I compared my knitting style to Michael Jordan. You know, when he would dunk the ball, he would stick out his tongue. He was fully into the moment. Well, when I’m knitting, and I’m doing my best to get that stitch to pull through a tight little space without slipping it off the needle, my tongue involuntarily comes out. Can’t help it. Maybe MJ was secretly wondering how a basketball net is knit together, and that’s why he was sticking out his tongue?

I decided the scarf and I needed to take a break, so back in January, I was inspired by Gussy’s tutorial for hand knitting. I made a really long garland strand that is now hanging over our window in our bedroom, and I love it!. It could also be used for a very unique scarf.

Today, I had hoped to share with you more details of my latest knitting adventure. Unfortunately, because of a schedule conflict, I was unable to go to the first Knit-A-Long that Reeve was hosting in NoDa last night. Here’s what we’re learning how to make:

Adorable, right? They’re called hexipuffs. Attach a ton of them together and it looks like this:

Here’s my first finished hexipuff {I’m embarrassed to tell you how many times I started over}:

Those of you experienced knitters can immediately recognize a problem. Look closely at the second image? My hexipuff is inside out! After a few tips from Reeve, I’m ready to get started with the next hexipuff. Thanks for the inspiration Reeve! Looking forward to November’s First Wednesday Night Knitting Club.

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What 31 Dayers are you following? I just added another one to my reader list:
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Coming up tomorrow here on 31 Days of Our Lives? Date Night!

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