What I Learned in May

what i learned in may

1. The month of May went by incredibly TOO FAST. It was April. I blinked & today is May 30. Goodness gracious. Anyone else? 2. The winter lasted so long here that my peonies haven’t bloomed yet. Come on beauties! 3. This one may scare some of you away and you may never come back […]


Road Trip Playlist Summer 2014 Edition

summer 2014 roadtrip playlist

Ready for a Road Trip this summer?? Here’s my latest {family friendly} playlist! If you’re a fan of American Idol, Nashville, Grey’s Anatomy & Dancing with the Stars, you’ll notice a few familiar tunes. Enjoy! {if you’re reading this in an email or on a mobile device, find a computer to listen to the Grooveshark […]


What I Learned in April


1. Goldfish can survive by eating saltines. – Every year our kids win goldfish at the school fun fair. Every year I grab some fish food at the grocery store. Every year the goldfish die within a few days of coming home with us. I clean their bowl. I give them fish flakes. They die.  […]


My Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Buy Myquillyn’s Book


My friend wrote a book. I am 100% biased because she is my friend. A dear heart friend. Her friendship has taught me so much but one of the biggest? Letting go of pleasing people. It has been a life long struggle for me & she has given me permission to let that go through […]


When Words Fail


I have been writing on this blog since 2007, with the main purpose for it to be a place of encouragement & a reflection of the life I’m living portrayed through my photographs and my writing. I know this is silly but as an encourager, when I fail to find words of encouragement to share […]


How I Saved My Sanity in the Laundry Room


If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the picture above already. I decided it would be fun to share a little more info as to how I maintain my sanity as the main laundry lady for my family of 6, tackling the endless piles of clothes that end up in our dirty […]


Shakespeare Then & Now


Over the weekend, Stone needed a big book to use as a book press.  He was searching our bookshelves & found the biggest one on a top shelf. The monstrous book was The Complete Works of Shakespeare by David Bevington, the only textbook I have saved from college. I graduated from the University of Maryland […]


Here for the Community


Sharing your unique voice can be a little intimidating but it’s a necessary step in building community. The intimidation is less scary when you take that step with a friend. Take that step with me? I’d love it if you could hop over to read this post & join in on the conversation at the […]


A Season to Listen


This winter season has been record breaking & relenting…and I’m not just talking about the weather. Seasons of life are meant to teach us and if we let them, change us. If we take the time to LISTEN. What have I been hearing this season? No matter what, there’s always HOPE. It’s not anything new but […]


What I Learned in February


1.  Monkey bread is just as delicious today as it was years ago. Why have I waited so long to make it? My kids loved it, of course. 2. You can use liquid hand soap to make foam soap. It’s true! We have made the switch at our house. Learn how here. Thank you Jen! […]