When All is Calm Isn’t

sunset tree breathing room

This post may surprise you.

It surprises me to admit it. Out loud, at least.

I am an anxious person.

I have been pushing that down deep inside of me for a long time now. I would pass the blame on other things or people. When it hits me, it’s out of the blue. Through the years, I’ve found the things that normally calm me down: writing, going for a walk, listening to music, taking deep breaths, reciting verses or song lyrics. Eventually, all is calm & all is bright again.

This year, the anxiety began to s e e p instead of being sudden. Regaining the calm & suppressing the anxiety became more difficult. It has even caused health & relationship problems.

Did you know that our word of the year has been Whoa?  {What were we thinking?} The Whoa’s have varied between incredibly exciting WHOA’s all the way down to exhaling breaths of exasperating w h o a ‘ s. It has been a year that has been extremely rough for someone like me that has been doing everything in her power to suppress her anxiety.


Here’s the truth:

I hate to admit that I have anxiety.

It makes me feel weak.


My mind is screaming “keep that curtain closed!”

I hate for people to know that my husband is married to an anxious wife.

I hate for people to know that my kids have an anxious mom.

I hate for my friends to know that they have an anxious friend.

Here’s the hard truth:

The only way I can breathe freely, is to admit the truth that I am an anxious person, that I do not have to suppress my anxiety & face it alone.

o christmas tree 2

Therefore, this Christmas season, when those exasperating w h o a ‘s threaten to seep in, when All is Calm Isn’t, when the Silent Night is Loud, I will face those anxious moments by:

~ trusting in God’s promises.

~ embracing the simple.

~ clinging to the man that God put in my life.

~ cherishing the joy I see in the eyes of our children.

~ listening to the words of encouragement from family & friends.

isaiah 9

If you are facing an anxious moment {or moments} this Christmas & feel the need to breathe freely, will you join me in the trusting, embracing, clinging, cherishing & listening? {Well, not my husband – he’s mine to cling to!}

Finger Knitted Wreath

finger knitted wreath

I’m joining the Nester’s “Wreath Party” today – where a bunch of us will be sharing our DIY wreaths.

A few years ago, I made a Magazine Wreath for this wreath party – I still love it & it has been hanging on the wall in our hallway for a few years now. Don’t let the name “wreath party” fool you – us wreath makers know how to have fun!

Confession time – a few years ago, I was invited to a wreath making party around this time of year & I asked dragged my friend Karrie to come along with me. We decided to make it more fun with a little game – that whenever one of the leaders of the group said the word “wreath”, we would bark or meow, quietly. Karrie would bark. I would meow. Well, it was silly when it was a bunch of us standing around the table making a lovely wreath {meow} but it got a little out of hand when it was the time of the night when the leader of the group got up to share the meaning of the advent wreath {bark}. Everyone in the room was diligently listening & so were we until she said “wreath” then we obediently & quietly barked or meowed – we couldn’t stop! We had to finish the game. That was the last wreath {meow} party I was invited to, until today. Told ya – wreath {bark} makers know how to have fun!

When Nester issued the challenge again this year, I knew I wanted to participate but I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to make.

I “shopped the house” & found some chunky yarn that I bought a few months ago just because I loved the color & it’s chunkiness and decided I was going to finger knit that lovely chunky yarn and then figure out how to make it into a wreath {meow}.

Have you tried finger knitting before? I learned how to do it from this tutorial that my friend Maggie wrote a few years ago.

It is the perfect thing to do while you’re hanging out with family watching a football game or even a movie. This time, I had my kindle app open, re-reading Mockingjay and finger knitted that chunky yarn & I was done way before Peeta gets maniacal & tries to choke Katniss.

The chunky yarn was now a beautiful knitted rope ready to be transformed into a wreath {bark}. All I needed was something to wrap it around. I didn’t have any cardboard in the house so I grabbed a paper plate, cut out the center & started wrapping it around the paper plate.

finger knitted wreath paper plate

The fun thing about this being just wrapped around the paper plate is if I want to take it apart & use the yarn for something else, all I have to do is untie the knots.

finger knitted wreath 2

Isn’t she cute? I secured the ends together by just making a loop & wrapping them together with the extra yarn at the end of the rope. So easy.

finger knitted wreath 3

The best part? The only cost for this project was the yarn, which was around $5.

Be sure to hop over to Nester’s to see all the other wreath {meow} creations!

finger knitted wreath 3

Favorite Gifts

favorite gifts 2014

This is a collection of a combination of some gifts on my wish list & some I have purchased for gifts this year. Enjoy!

1) JessicaNDesigns

2) Fawnsberg

3) Kelly Moore

4) CocoandBubbles – they have Campfire & Grass candles!

5) Lindsay Letters

6) Evy’s Tree - follow them on Instagram for sale updates…there’s a HUGE sale that starts tonight!

7) Red Letter Words

8) Urban Decay Smoked Eyeshadow

9) Urban Decay Glitter Eyeliner – these are SO FUN! I have Midnight Cowboy!

10) Happy Little Lovelies – follow her on Instagram for 6 Days of Christmas this week!

11) Grace Laced

Happy Shopping!!

Follow Caroline’s board shop // gifts on Pinterest.

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