Favorite Gifts

favorite gifts 2014

This is a collection of a combination of some gifts on my wish list & some I have purchased for gifts this year. Enjoy!

1) JessicaNDesigns

2) Fawnsberg

3) Kelly Moore

4) CocoandBubbles – they have Campfire & Grass candles!

5) Lindsay Letters

6) Evy’s Tree - follow them on Instagram for sale updates…there’s a HUGE sale that starts tonight!

7) Red Letter Words

8) Urban Decay Smoked Eyeshadow

9) Urban Decay Glitter Eyeliner – these are SO FUN! I have Midnight Cowboy!

10) Happy Little Lovelies – follow her on Instagram for 6 Days of Christmas this week!

11) Grace Laced

Happy Shopping!!

Follow Caroline’s board shop // gifts on Pinterest.

31 Days of Love & Hate :: Day 16 ~ Stitch Fix

stitch_fix_skyI love Stitch Fix.

Last year I was introduced to Stitch Fix and shared with you my first fix earlier this year.

Since then I have received a total of 6 Stitch Fixes. Out of the 6 fixes, I kept around half of the items they sent.  I didn’t keep track of each fix to highlight in this post but I decided to highlight four: a colorful blouse, a printed blouse, skinny printed pants & a dress.

I haven’t blogged about the rest of them because, well, it’s really awkward for me to have my picture taken on purpose & pose in the clothes that they send me.

Ready for my dorkiness?  {I guess posing for photographs is another one of those love/hate situations!  Thanks Greg for taking the pictures!}


41 hawthorn filbert 3/4 sleeve popover blouse :: stitch fix // just black colleen ikat print skinny jean :: stitch fix // laced boots :: old navy {similar style} // gold chevron necklace :: lisa leonard designs

I love Stitch Fix because:

  1. you can try on the items in the comfort of your own home;
  2. they encourage you to use the items they send you to compliment what you currently have in your closet;
  3. they make every effort to send you what you request;
  4. they are super sweet! I met a few of the Stitch Fix team last month at the Influence Conference & they love their job & are genuinely interested in helping you find styles that you love & maybe never even thought that you would love! {for me, it’s the ikat print skinny jeans!}

They also pay attention to the things you want to flaunt {in my case – my legs} and the things you want to conceal {my mid-section} and they take into consideration your body type {basically, I am shaped like a rectangle from my shoulder to hips & I do not have a butt}.  Yep, they can style that!  They took on the rectangle mid-section no-butt challenge & sent me some great items.

~~~ Read this post to refresh your memory on how Stitch Fix works. ~~~

As you can tell, I love Stitch Fix but I just want to keep it real ~ now that the weather is getting cooler, on any given day from now until late Spring, if you happen to stop by my house for a chat or cup of coffee or both, I’ll most likely be wearing this:

chicago_ctor a similar variation of this outfit ~ skinny jeans, a comfy sweatshirt & my Minnetonka moccasins or Ugg boots.

{This post contains my affiliate link for Stitch Fix! If you sign up using my link I get credit towards my next Stitch Fix! Thank you!}

Need more proof of my dorkiness? Every photo shoot needs these…

a "senior pic" pose

a “senior pic” pose

a "heel pop" pose

a “heel pop” pose

& a "can you handle this" pose

& a “can you handle this?” pose


{This is a series of posts for 31 Days of Love & Hate. To read the other posts, click here.}

Merchant Love :: Spring 2013

Spreading a little Merchant Love today.  Click over & visit these beautiful shops!

air plant

I am fascinated by seashells & their quirky shapes & sizes. This adorable combination of an air plant housed in the sea urchin shell was perfect for my collection from RobinCharlotte.

i see beautiful things

For our gallery wall I purchased a print from Raw Art Letterpress: I See Beautiful Things.


hair chalk

Last week, Eden had “crazy hair day” at school.  We decided to try some hair chalk that I found at Ulta. This color is called “Teal Tornado”!  Next time I am going to try some hair chalk from this shop.


My sweatshirt is from Hello Merch. 1) It’s my favorite color. 2) It was on sale! 3) It’s super soft & comfy. 4) I think my family & friends are ready for warmer weather because they’re tired of seeing me wear this sweatshirt! 5) My next purchase from this company will be this t-shirt:

hello merch kitten tshirt

Perfect for the summer {wink! meow!} right?

What are you into this Spring?

Merchant Love

It’s that time of year to spread some online shopping Merchant Love!  During 2012 we have shopped at each of these shops….{if you see something you LOVE, click the picture to go directly to their shop ~ and if you PIN something, PIN it from their site, not here!}

Mary Marie Knits

Gussy Sews

Button Bird Designs

Lisa Leonard Designs

Live With Less

Pen & Paint

We discovered a few more shops we love at the Renegade Craft Fair this past weekend:

Circa Ceramics

Earth Cadets

Uncommon Handmade


Oh ~ just in case you need a little extra help finding the perfect gift for your family and friends, you must read Reeve’s The Art of Gift Giving ~ an 8 day series to help take “the stress out of thoughtful gift giving.”


See that lovely purse hanging out by that tree? Isn’t she lovely? That’s my Cynthia Rowley purse that my husband bought for me as a surprise a few years ago with a little encouragement from my friend Kristin. I love it! But she is so much more than just a purse…

What’s she doing?

She’s patiently waiting for me to take some pictures then she can get back to work. You see, that’s my camera bag. My Nikon D100 a.k.a. Nanney, got tired of waiting for me to purchase one of the lovely camera bags from Kelly Moore or Jo Totes or Epiphanie that I’ve been coveting really wanting for the past year. Why wait when I had this amazing purse that was big enough for Nanney? The only thing it needed was some padding for protection. So, I spent some time on Etsy and came across this camera bag insert from DarbyMack Designs.{It looks like DarbyMack’s shop is on vacation right now, but make sure you stop back in when it opens next week!} A very affordable, padded insert with fun little pockets on the outside.

It was a perfect fit! Cynthia & Nanney are both happy.

Now, with that said, I would love to own one of these one day. It would hold Nanney & Mac {my MacBook Pro 17″} ~ which is one thing Cynthia has a hard time doing (shhh, don’t tell her I said that).

On a side note, yes, we cleverly name inanimate objects in our family. Cynthia sounds so much better than camera bag, right? Our cars have names too ~ which I’ll share in another post since this post is about Cynthia, and she tends to get jealous when the attention is not entirely directed towards her.

Merchant Love

I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite online shops. We purchased about 90% of our Christmas gifts from these amazing merchants this year! Not only do they have lovely shops, their blogs are also an inspiration. The art they create is an extension of their life, which makes me love their products even more.

{These shops did not ask me to write about them ~ this is just me passing along to you some great shops I know as if we were sitting across from each other sharing life and our favorite places to shop as we sip a warm beverage}.

Friends and family…check your stockings for gifts from:

Linkel Designs :: beautiful handmade jewelry. Store // Blog


Handmade Recess :: modern accessories with a vintage twist. Store // Blog


The Tiny Shop :: vintage sourced necklaces. Store // Blog


Gussy Sews :: handmade ruffled accessories. Store // Blog


We finished up our Christmas shopping with a quick trip to Target, avoiding the crazy hustle and bustle of Black Friday and waited until mid-day on Monday. Shopping with a friend and being able to chat while we shopped was so much better than hurrying through the aisles and elbowing my way to a big deal.

Oh, I cannot forget to mention these:

Love iPhone app Instagram?

Keepsy.com :: turn your Instagrams into a fun calendar!

Stickygram :: turn your Instagrams into magnets!

Do you have a favorite handmade online shop?

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