Spring 2015 Playlist

spring 2015 playlist

Spring is like a teenager going through life changes. One moment they are full of life & happy & everything is great. The next moment, they’re gloomy & dark & cold. Listening to music helps us embrace the season & calms the moodiness for us. Or maybe it just calms momma? Either way, we hope […]

Road Trip Playlist Summer 2014 Edition

summer 2014 roadtrip playlist

Ready for a Road Trip this summer?? Here’s my latest {family friendly} playlist! If you’re a fan of American Idol, Nashville, Grey’s Anatomy & Dancing with the Stars, you’ll notice a few familiar tunes. Enjoy! {if you’re reading this in an email or on a mobile device, find a computer to listen to the Grooveshark […]

Polar Vortex Survival Playlist


Polar Vortex. Chiberia. Winter Storm Hercules, Ion, Maximus & now Nika on the way this week. Most would agree, this has been a memorable winter.  School is never cancelled here, but this past month, my kids have had 4 “snow” days.  Snow is in quotation marks, because in order for it to actually count as […]

31 Days of Love & Hate :: Day 6 ~ Favorite Things


On the weekends during our 31 Days we’ll be lightening the load a bit & having a little fun.  I’ll be sharing four of my Favorite Things. This week’s Favorite Things revolves around music. On Day 4 we told you how much we love Reeve & how our family has loved listening to her new […]

31 Days of Love & Hate :: Day 4 ~ Reeve & A Giveaway!


A few times during this 31 day writing journey we are going to share our Love of some Dream Chasers.  Our friend Reeve is a Dream Chaser.  A few weeks ago, her dream that started 9 years ago became a reality when several boxes of her CD were delivered to her house! If you have […]