What I Learned in May


1) I learned this month that Eden is growing up. I know what you’re thinking, “duh!?!”. That’s what happens. Kids grow up. But this month, there were a few big moments: ** She came to me on a Tuesday & asked if she could get her ears pierced. I told her we would go on […]


foggy morning in spring

Today a battle has been lost. I have said all I can say that would be heard. I have shared my heart and the truth that I will love him no matter what. The response? Silence. The relationship that was once there is gone. But, I still cling to hope. Hope, that one day he […]

Life Lately

love needs calling

Just a little glimpse into our life lately… The trees are bursting with life. They stop me when they’re bare & beautiful winter trees but when they bloom. Geez. Goosebumps. And the tiny buds that fit in my tiny glass bottles. Can’t stop staring. These kids. We are blessed & I cannot thank God enough […]

Spring 2015 Playlist

spring 2015 playlist

Spring is like a teenager going through life changes. One moment they are full of life & happy & everything is great. The next moment, they’re gloomy & dark & cold. Listening to music helps us embrace the season & calms the moodiness for us. Or maybe it just calms momma? Either way, we hope […]


forty three

Today is my birthday. At 12:45pm I’ll be forty-three. 43. Here’s an odd thing about me, I’ve never been really fond of odd numbered years or odd numbered birthdays. My birth year is 1972, my birth day is 10 & my birth month is April so it’s the number 4. Surrounded by even numbers. I […]