What If?

what if_whatever2

I was tucking her into bed one night last week & after we prayed together, out of the blue she rambles off a few, “What if…?” questions. “What if I get sick & we miss the trip to the zoo? What if the doctor tells me I need another surgery? What if______?” We had a […]

What I Learned in June

what i learned june 2015

1. Indoor skydiving takes your breath away! I am not a risk taker. I married one, so he’s got me covered in the risk department, but every now and then I need a little push to step out of my comfort zone. Or in this case, fly out. When my friend Ashley gave me a […]

Thank You Oakwood Elementary


Since 2005 {except for a 2 year break when we lived in North Carolina} a TeSelle kid has been a student at Oakwood Elementary. Today marks the end of that milestone. Eden will finish 2nd grade today. Yes, she’s still in elementary school but she will move over to River Valley Elementary {right next door!} […]

What I Learned in May


1) I learned this month that Eden is growing up. I know what you’re thinking, “duh!?!”. That’s what happens. Kids grow up. But this month, there were a few big moments: ** She came to me on a Tuesday & asked if she could get her ears pierced. I told her we would go on […]


foggy morning in spring

Today a battle has been lost. I have said all I can say that would be heard. I have shared my heart and the truth that I will love him no matter what. The response? Silence. The relationship that was once there is gone. But, I still cling to hope. Hope, that one day he […]