When Words Fail


I have been writing on this blog since 2007, with the main purpose for it to be a place of encouragement & a reflection of the life I’m living portrayed through my photographs and my writing.

I know this is silly but as an encourager, when I fail to find words of encouragement to share with you, I feel guilty.


What I have learned along the way is when life is hard and full of Whoa’s and it’s difficult to dig deep & be an encourager with my words, I listen to the beauty of the art I see around me.

Sometimes I try to capture that beauty with my camera or on Instagram. Sometimes I grab my journal or write about it here.

Either way – I listen and I let go of that guilt.


Can I encourage you to listen today? What do you hear?

* flower arrangement: Petal Play Design


  1. says

    Those are the most beautiful flowers I have seen this year!

    I have been listening lately and hear the call to write more notes and cards to family and close friends. This is something I enjoy doing (I must be an encourager too) but I have let good things get in the way of better things and have not made time for writing.
    Tracey recently posted..Things I learned in February

  2. Robin says

    So beautiful, I feel the same way when I am struggling for word of encouragement……. :)
    Thank you!