What’s the Purpose? Help Me!

Anyone else out there having a hard time thinking of what to write about now that 31 days is over?  No one?  Just me then.

Maybe I need a writing partner all the time? Greg??

I think what I really need is an encouraging kick in the bum.  That’s what friends are for, right?

During her breakout session at Allume, Nester encouraged us to have a purpose statement for your blog.  I don’t have a purpose statement yet but I do have a tagline…”Encouraging others through images & daydreams.”

Tagline? Yes!  Purpose?  Nope.  Thanks for the bum kick, Nester!

So, what’s the purpose of caroline teselle dot com?

7 years of sharing my life with you on here and I haven’t really thought of the purpose other than to share my life with you…maybe that’s it, but I think there’s more…? During the month of November, that’s what I’ll be pondering.

If I have a purpose for this space then I’ll still have something to write about even when I feel like the writing well has run dry.

As I figure this out, I would love your help {even though I’m skeered to ask}…why do you read my blog?  Out of the billions of websites out there, why are you here?  Leave your response in the comments, or if you’d rather email me personally, that’s great too ~ email me: caroline at teselles dot com.

Thank you friends!


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    Well…I started reading because as I was perusing the list of the 31 Day-ers, your topic caught my eye. But that doesn’t *really* help you, does it?

    Two thoughts, then:
    1. It strikes me that encouragement doesn’t have to *just* be a tagline…
    2. Now that October’s over, does that mean you’ve run out of ideas about rest? That’s honestly the real reason I clicked over in the first place – in my life, rest is hard to come by (and I’m sure this is true for others, too.) It was encouraging to read about your pursuit of it.

    Looking forward to seeing where November takes you, dear Caroline :)
    sonika recently posted..The North, Part III: legen…wait for it…

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    Caroline, you are THE best person “gatherer” I know. Your influence, love, grace, and poise pour out onto all those whom you encounter. You teach us how to make people, friends, family matter most. That is why I am here, to glean from the life giving gift you have.

    Also you have four kids and seem inappropriately calm. I want your secret 😉

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    after 31 days? i thought the well might have gone dry. totally.

    i really like what maria said up there. i love to glean from you: how you are intentional with others, your family, your time. i like the idea of hearing from you about being at rest and at peace.
    ellen recently posted..dear you: make a declaration today.

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      i know the words will come when i’m intentional about it. that’s how it was with 31 days but i do not use that mindset the rest of the year. makes total sense though! :)

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    This is my first visit here and I really enjoyed this post!! Especially all the belly buddy pics – too cute!! I wasn’t at allume this year as I was 2 weeks away from welcoming home my new baby girl but I wish I could have heard the Nester speak! I’ve been working on a purpose statement for my blog as well and feel like it will really help me focus and write cohesively. Love your blog and happy I found you! :)
    Lauren Casper recently posted..Why open adoption? — guest post by Amber

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      Lauren! Thank you for stopping by & for commenting! Means so much. I’m guessing by now you have welcomed home your new baby girl?? So exciting. Gonna pop over and say hi.