What Does My Life Reflect?

life purpose

For the past few weeks I’ve been pondering the word Purpose, surrounded by the words life, blog, pursue, reflect, good, bad & ugly. A Purpose word bubble. Out of that word bubble came these thoughts:

If my life doesn’t reflect my purpose and my purpose doesn’t reflect my life, then I’m struggling.

I’m not just talking blog talk.  I’m talking life talk.

My life will be a reflection of whatever it is that I’m pursuing.

That’s a scary statement because sometimes what I’m pursuing will require a little bit of vulnerability, if I choose to share it with you.  I have been known to waste days away.  We all have days of foggy funk.  So, I’m not going to pretend that I have it all together and I’m always purposeful with every hour of every day.  I’m not.

However, at the end of the day, I will evaluate my reflection.  The good, bad & the ugly.

What do I want my life to reflect? The good, bad and/or ugly of….

  • how I love my husband & children & family
  • pursuing & maintaining authentic friendships in my community & online
  • how I encourage rest & risk in my life & others
  • humility through my successes & failures
  • music & food & books & movies & clothes that I love or not so much love
  • daydreams
  • being obedient to God’s word
  • ______________________________________

Whatever my life reflects, I want to share it with you.

The purpose of caroline teselle dot com is to be a place of encouragement & a reflection of the life I’m living portrayed through my photographs and my writing.

If I stop doing that, you have my permission to snap your fingers at me or splash a cup of cold water on my face or take away my Keurig ~ whatever it is you think will grab my attention.  Seriously.

Will you help me?

{I’m going to go hide my Keurig now…}