31 Days of Rest & Risk :: Day 1 ~ Introduction

Welcome to 31 Days of Rest & Risk, a tag-team writing journey with my husband, Greg. Scroll down to read Day 1. Every day we will add the new post here:

Day 2 ~ One Year Ago…
Day 3 ~ Step One – Quit
Day 4 ~ Benefits of Rest
Day 5 ~ The Day I Wrestled An Alligator
Day 6 ~ Sit Quietly
Day 7 ~ The Risk of Being Broken
Day 8 ~ Beach House Rest
Day 9 ~ Beach House Part Two
Day 10 ~ Quietember Reflections
Day 11 ~ Our Greatest Need
Day 12 ~ The Risk Of…
Day 13 ~ Quote by Diane Ackerman
Day 14 ~ A Boy Named Stone
Day 15 ~ Couple Getaway
Day 16 ~ Date Night Fanatics
Day 17 ~ Family Getaway
Day 18 ~ Giving the Gift of Rest & Risk
Day 19 ~ Road Rules
Day 20 ~ A New Word
Day 21 ~ Tygar Wayne
Day 22 ~ Risk Minus Fuss = Rest
Day 23 ~ Bucket List
Day 24 ~ Playing it Safe
Day 25 ~ Traveling Today
Day 26 ~ Playboy
Day 27 ~ In Tune with Rest
Day 28 ~ The First Boy
Day 29 ~ Home from Allume
Day 30 ~ The Glory of Rest
Day 31 ~ The Risk of Following

Welcome to our 31 Days of Rest & Risk!

Yes, I said “our” – My husband, Greg & myself will tag-team write this month. Last year I accepted Nester’s challenge and wrote 31 Days of Our Lives. This year, I asked Greg to write with me because 1) we’re married; 2) we make a good team; and 3) normally, he’s the RISK & I’m the REST. This month, we’re gonna mix it up a bit.

Just with about any experience in life, it’s your experience. You may learn something completely different based on your experiences and life status. During this 31 Days we will share what WE have learned about Rest & Risk. We hope you enjoy our stories, our attempts at Rest & Risk and learn from our failures and our successes.

All of the posts will be right here at carolineteselle.com. There may be a few days where Greg shares his stories on his website, but you can bookmark this page, or add us to your RSS feed or Subscribe to make sure you stay with us this month.

Thanks for joining us! Also, be sure to check out the rest of the 31 Dayers!


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      Thank you! We hope that by the end of the month you have enjoyed our stories & you can get a glimpse of how rest & risk are a part of our faith adventure.

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    I love that you are doing this as a couple. My husband is generously offering to help me in any way he can with my 31 days (likely because he keeps spying my famous ‘frozen face’ as I try to comprehend what I’m taking on :)

    Looking forward to what you both have to say!
    Jennifer recently posted..Day 1 – Pumpkin Man & Fall Sweater Wreath

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      becca – we are so glad you stopped by and we will be reading your posts too! isn’t 31 days amazing? bringing lives together that normally would never “meet”.

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      oh, that’s weird. but i’m so glad you’re here. this is kind of a scary month in a sense to share our journey so openly but it’s nice to know friends are along for the ride.

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    Visiting from The Nester. I love your vibe and your concept. Look forward to following your story. This community is wonderful, loads and loads of creativity in one giant space. So nice to meet ya’ll. Love that ya’ll are writing in tandem.
    Elizabeth W. Marshall recently posted..Savoring – Day 2

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    Hello I am visiting via the Nester’s 31 days series. Your series is so inspirational and leaves me with such wonderful peace.

    I too am participating in the series. My topic is “Decor To Adore~ finding your style”. I would like to invite you to stop by anytime.

    Have a beautiful day and a wonderful fall season.
    Laura Ingalls Gunn recently posted..Day 6 ~ What You May Have Missed