Have You Ever Wasted the Day Away?

Have you ever wasted an entire day feeling sorry for yourself? I have plenty of times. Most recently, last Thursday.

The week leading up to last Thursday consisted of sick kiddos, a mean case of the lady blues, a ridiculously sore body from a workout called “High Intensity Interval Training” and I caught the yucky bug that had infected the kids meaning I had to cancel plans to finally see “The Vow” with my friend Leanne. Not the best week for me and it tore at my emotions. On top of all of that, I was sad about not being able to spend the weekend with Nester & friends at her house for the weekend.

I was full to the brim with trying to have a good attitude.

I kept this quiet for the most part. Earlier in the week I mentioned to Greg how I was bummed to miss the weekend but I kept the emotional side bottled up and shared it only with my laundry room. {Please tell me I’m not the only one who talks to themselves while doing laundry?}

Well, Thursday came and I was done. Eden and I were dressed to go shopping but we never left the house. We did spend some time outside because it was beautiful but I couldn’t shake the selfishness, the Advil wasn’t helping the soreness and I let my feelings completely ruin my day.

When Greg came home I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I apologized for my selfishness through my tears and shared with him what was on my heart.

As I’m wiping my tears away and trying to gain my composure, I get a text on my phone from Greg. He was sitting right next to me. Why the text?

It says “No more crying please. Go visit your friends. Love you.” Attached to the text was a photo of my flight itinerary for me to go to Nester’s that he had purchased the day before.

This amazing man knew what I needed and the tears poured out again. Tears of overwhelming gratitude this time for my man who loves to give good gifts.

What have I learned through this experience:

do not keep feelings bottled up. Sure, the laundry room can be a quiet place to talk out loud & pray, but make sure I bounce my feelings off a person and not a wall.
– the man I married continues to blow me away with his generosity and sacrifice for me and his family & friends

– the condition of my heart is more important than my circumstances

– just because I’m having a horrible day doesn’t mean I can expect my husband to bail me out each time, so make the most of each day

Thank you for letting me share my wasted & blown away day with you. Have you ever wasted the day away?

{ps – here’s a recap of the weekend at The Nester’s house!}


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    How sweet! Sometimes I feel like my husband has NO clue how I’m feeling or what I really need & he usually knows better than I do. :) Love those sweet husbands. So happy you could go on your trip.

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    i know exactly how you feel. i have had plenty of those days and my dh just holds me. ahhh..love him. =) thanks for sharing.


  1. […] Of course, I didn’t think about taking a group picture until after Emily and Hayley left, at the very last-minute my son snapped this.  What does it say about me that I have more photos of balloons than people?  Never mind, I don’t want to know.  And of course it’s impossible to capture the very best part of the entire weekend.  The real connections, risky sharing, tears, laughter, vulnerability, and true friendship that continues to grow.  I am so grateful this group of girls rose up and said “Hey, let’s get together”.   And it was such an unexpected gift to sit in my family room with Caroline, my in town friend who moved away in December–we didn’t think she was going to be able to come but, her husband surprised her last-minute with the trip here. […]