A Girls Weekend & Favorite Things

Last weekend I had the opportunity to spend the weekend with some dear friends – Gussy, Hayley, Emily, Tracey & Ellen – who had all gathered at Nester’s house! Nester knows how to host a party. She thought of everything! {Did you know my husband surprised me by sending me on this trip?}

Our common bond is blogging but it goes so much deeper than that, especially after this weekend.

We laughed, cried, listened, encouraged, ate delicious food, shopped and relaxed in the warmth of Nester’s house – it was all food for our soul. Despite the miles between us, we are all sisters now. We have lovely Lisa Leonard gifts as a sweet reminder of our time together as well. Thank you Lisa!

It was Hayley’s idea to have a Favorite Things gift exchange. {If you want to know more about how a Favorite Things gift exchange works, here are the details.} Each of us brought one of our favorite things {with a price limit of $10} for the rest of the group. This weekend there were 7 of us, so we brought 6 items.

We took turns sharing why this particular item was our favorite thing. Now, I have sweet memories of these friends when I see or use the Favorite Things in my house or when I’m at the store.

Here’s what we brought:

{Nester’s photo w/text added by me}

Nester :: Paper Straws
Gussy :: Cutting Board
Tiny Twig :: Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm
Emily :: A bowl to keep rings safe
Tracey :: Rescue Remedy Spray
Ellen :: Sharpies & organization help
Caroline :: Exotic Coconut

Grab your girlfriends and spend some time together. Make the gathering extra meaningful with a Favorite Things gift exchange!


ps – I suppose I should have done my research – my favorite thing is no longer discontinued like I thought! It looks like I can buy it online now from Bath & Body Works! Yahoo! Time to re-stock my hoarded stash before it’s discontinued again!


  1. says

    the necklace we all have has the best meaning now… i love to wear it and i love our favorite things and i love we spent the weekend together. it was so amazing and i’m waiting for our next “girls weekend” to be announced ;D

    • says

      i’m in love with the necklace too – it has extra special meaning now. that song lured my babies to sleep most nights. so, the necklace reminds me of them & the 6 of you.


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