31 Days of Our Lives :: Day 5 ~ Yard Sale

Greg and I love having a yard sale. 1) It gives us a chance to purge ~ with 6 people in our family, the stuff multiplies way too fast around here. 2) It gives us a chance to interact with people in the community. It’s really not about money for us. It is nice at the end of the day to talk about who bought what and perhaps we should have held onto that, or maybe we should have priced a few items differently to try and sell them. We just love doing it.

Last Saturday our community was having their bi-annual yard sale and we decided to participate. It was going to be a sunny day and we needed to purge! We spent the entire day getting ready on Friday, pricing our wares. The morning of the sale it was rather chilly ~ 48 degrees ~ but the sun was shining and we knew the yard salers would be coming! It was supposed to start at 8, but of course, we had people there at 7:30, cash in hand!

We involved the kids this time and they had a little table where they sold snacks and drinks.

We had a few “big ticket” items for sale as well. Lots of lookers, but no takers…this time.

I also love going to yard sales. Two of my friends, Nester & Angela, are yard sale queens! A few months ago we had a plan to meet up early Saturday morning and I was ready to learn from them the ins and outs of getting the best deals. What do you know? We drove around and didn’t find a single yard sale! So, we ended up finding a coffee place and chatting! Even better. Both of them have found some pretty amazing items at yard sales and have turned them into something new or a way to decorate your home without breaking your budget. Learn more here and here.

Do you like to have yard sales? Or go to them? What has been your best yard sale find?

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~ 31 Days of Determined Joy

Tomorrow’s topic: Reeve’s Knit-a-Long.


  1. says

    OH! This is such a struggle for me! I always feel bad if I walk away from a garage sale without buying SOMETHING. It’s a sickness, I tell you.

  2. says

    UGH – I have a million things sitting around and we need to have a yard sale of our own. I’ve had a few in the past and it is hard work. I like your 31 day theme. I’m having trouble coming up with enough things for my theme. It is definitely challenging.

  3. Mary says

    Can’t say how much I love reading your posts!
    Dom got hooked on yard sales when he scored a barely used electric smoker for $5…it had a make-an-offer sticker..so Dom low-balled it! Now when I see the guy at the grocery store, I feel terrible – like we robbed him. Bonus – we often have some amazing pulled pork on the weekends!!!!