Magazine Wreath

I’m linking up to Nester’s You Made a Wreath Out of What?! Party! This is a first for me. I had higher aspirations for this wreath, but I had a minor health issue earlier this week, so I searched my house for a few things that I could use since I couldn’t make it to the store. Here’s what I came up with: a few Everyday with Rachel Ray magazines, a paper plate {i cut out the middle of it}, stapler & scotch tape. Resting in my recliner, I put this wreath together by tearing out colorful pages from the magazine, rolling it up, taping the edge so it wouldn’t unravel, folding in half & stapling it to the paper plate. If I decide to do this again, I would use a piece of cardboard or an actual foam circle. I’m not sure how long this one will last, but I like it. While I was making it, my kids were convinced I was making a festive hat.

Using simple materials found in your house – a magazine, a paper plate, stapler & scotch tape – you can make something beautiful.

{December 2014 update: this magazine wreath has been hanging on my wall for 3 years now & it survived a move from NC to IL and it still looks great! I believe the quality of the magazine pages make a difference so grab a magazine & feel the pages before making this – the thicker the pages the better!}

Also, my 6 year old saw what I was doing and wanted to make one too. He decided to use a paper plate, an entire Better Homes & Gardens magazine & a lot of scotch tape. Here’s his creation:



  1. Gwen says

    Sad uou having health issues.
    When it’s a sit down be still day•••always good to keep the hands busy.
    I truly like all the wreaths you created.
    You would probably enjoy using an old readers digest. Catch a lot of black and white little color now and then.