Ten on Ten ~ June 2011

my friend reeve encouraged me to participate in this photo project called ten on ten. you take a picture, every hour for 10 hours as you go about your day on the 10th of the month. i was excited to give it a try! here we go:

7:00 am ~ i took the boys to school today, their last day! as we were walking down the hall tygar said “i painted that turtle!”

8:00 am ~ tygar’s class play where he was one of 3 frogs, he’s the one on the right that’s blurry. he was a twirling frog at the time.

9:00 am ~ i got home from school and eden had added a tree branch to our flower arrangement.

10:00 am ~ washed some grapes

11:00 am ~ cleaned the bathroom

12:00 pm ~ browsed around on pinterest a little

1:00 pm ~ tried to take a nap {under my favorite blanket}

2:00 pm ~ school’s out for summer!! {they’re yelling “summer”!}

3:00 pm ~ swim time

4:00 pm ~ preparing dinner

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