thank you teachers

i really cannot believe how quickly this school year has gone by – but at the same time, fall 2010 seems forever ago.

at the end of the school year, we try to recognize the AMAZING work that our kids’ teachers have done. it has been a challenging year for a few of our kids and their teachers have been so helpful. i saw this idea on pinterest, and decided to make our own version of this.

here’s our version:

reusable insulated chiller cups that i found at our local grocery store in the seasonal section, filled with some dark chocolates & a gift card to our local movie theater. 3 things that i would love, so i’m sure their teachers will love them too, right? sweet {treat}, practical {cup} and fun {movie night}. i may have to improvise a little for gunnar’s teacher who’s a dude. you don’t see too many dude’s walking around with chiller cups.

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