What I Learned :: R.O.C. Race Edition

roc race poncho

Summer officially started at our house on June 5th. I have slept in my own bed 28 of the 56 days of summer, half of the summer so far. 4 weeks. Greg has been able to join us for two of those weeks & it has been an amazing summer, full of lifelong memories. The main focus has been two family … [continue]

TeSelle Reunion 2014

cousins 2

It was a beautiful week as you can tell from the photographs. We are extremely thankful to Greg’s family for providing the house & the boat & the jet ski & the kayaks & all the lake toys! We showed up with our swim suits & sunscreen & loved every minute. Thank you Gale, Joan, […]


Confessions of An Affiliate Flop

affiliate flop 4

Have you ever participated in an affiliate program? Or maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about. I’m over at Allume today sharing some lessons I’ve learned from my less than favorable experiences with affiliates. I’d love for you to hop over & join in on the conversation.


A Picnic on the Beach


If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed that our family spent some time together at the beach last week. Once a year, we make the trek to South Carolina to spend time with some family, relax & enjoy the ocean air. My parents generously provide the accommodations and we provide the chaos! During […]



forever grateful_2

Have you read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green? I finished it in a weekend so obviously it is a quick read, but the content is not quick. Skimming back through the pages, I realized that I had highlighted several sentences & even paragraphs. This is a novel that I will return to […]


Let’s Talk About Blog Ads


Today I have the opportunity to share a few things that I have learned about Blog Ads with the Allume community. I’d love for you to stop by! Have a great Wednesday!



psalm 145_4

Commend :: praise formally or officially; entrust someone or something to; What does the next generation hear you saying?


What I Learned in May

what i learned in may

1. The month of May went by incredibly TOO FAST. It was April. I blinked & today is May 30. Goodness gracious. Anyone else? 2. The winter lasted so long here that my peonies haven’t bloomed yet. Come on beauties! 3. This one may scare some of you away and you may never come back […]


Road Trip Playlist Summer 2014 Edition

summer 2014 roadtrip playlist

Ready for a Road Trip this summer?? Here’s my latest {family friendly} playlist! If you’re a fan of American Idol, Nashville, Grey’s Anatomy & Dancing with the Stars, you’ll notice a few familiar tunes. Enjoy! {if you’re reading this in an email or on a mobile device, find a computer to listen to the Grooveshark […]


What I Learned in April


1. Goldfish can survive by eating saltines. – Every year our kids win goldfish at the school fun fair. Every year I grab some fish food at the grocery store. Every year the goldfish die within a few days of coming home with us. I clean their bowl. I give them fish flakes. They die.  […]