The Clay Necklace That Could

the clay necklace that could

Before you get too excited, this is not a tutorial. This is a tutorial flop. Or as I like to call it, The Clay Necklace That Could. This project started with great potential & enthusiasm. Isn't that how it goes with most new projects? I was determined to make this necklace: read the … [continue]

No Talk November

November Reads

Greg and I write everyday in October and then silence… It felt strange waking up on November 1 to realize we were done with 31 Days. But at the same time it was nice to turn the brain off for a few days. Greg and I joked that November would be “No Talk November”. Or […]


We Dare You to Be Truthful

rock & roll teselle thanks

We loved writing together again this year. Thanks again to The Nester and the Write 31 Days initiative. We hope you had a couple good laughs at our ridiculous truths… as well as challenged to be a little bit more daring. On a serious note, let us explain why we chose the topic of Truth […]


One Big Dare ~ Coming Soon!

dare collage

Today was going to be the day we revealed our One Big Dare. Just like the season finale of your favorite show, we’ll be ending our 31 Days of Truth or Dare with a cliffhanger. Our One Big Dare will have to wait. Why? The truth is… October was a little ridiculous for our family. […]


Your Truth Questions Answered

truth questions answered

Last week, we asked you guys to send us your TRUTH questions for us to answer… most of you just sent us an email with your questions… and after reading some of the questions… we completely understand why some of you wanted to be anonymous!          Is this your first marriage? Greg: Yes […]


In The World

in the world

Truth : If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?   Is this is a trick question… I’m a Christian… I am not supposed to desire anything in this world… am I? “Do not love the world or the things in the world. If any one loves the world, love for […]


Favorite Kid

teselle kids may 2014

Truth : Do you have a favorite kid? “95 percent of parents in the world have a favorite kid, and the other 5 percent are lying.” – Jeffrey Kluger I think it’s normal for most parents to have a favorite child… so yes… I have one. Which one?  Well… it seems to switch weekly, daily, […]


Don’t Go to Church

31 Days of Truth or Dare

I dare you… STOP GOING TO CHURCH. It’s Sunday… and many of you are “getting ready” to “go to church” this morning… but please don’t.  Let me explain. The language of “going to church” has caused a disconnect from what it means to “be” the church. We go to restaurants… we go to concerts… we […]




  I dare you to ditch technology for a week.   I realize the irony involved in daring you to ditch technology for a week because as I type this, I’m sitting on a plane on my way to Allume, a blogging conference. Bloggers need computers & they utilize social media to communicate with their […]


Ask Us A Truth Question!

ask us

It’s Your Turn – Ask Us a Truth Question! In a normal game of Truth or Dare, the participants take turns asking the questions or coming up with the dare. We have asked for your dare ideas, now we would like to give you the opportunity to ask us a truth question. Ask us a […]

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